Little Italy
in the center of Prague

Special offer

Pizza Salerno

sweet potato puree, pancetta, artichokes, chilli and Grana Padano cheese

261 Kč

Fallow dear loin

with chestnut risotto and plum sauce

495 Kč

One meter pizza “Alforno“

What is "meter pizza"? What can our fellow countryman imagine under this designation? The answer is simple – a true meter pizza from our pizzachefs, trained in Italy, that really understands pizza!

Dough and strictly fresh ingredients are the basis of a good pizza. It is prepared from basic raw materials: water, flour, salt, and yeast. NOTE: no eggs. Proper maturing dough is also important. Choose what you like: cheeses, prosciutto, arugula ... and put it into the oven!

Home Atmosphere and Oven Specialties

We offer domestic Italian cuisine with all that is baked. Simply "FORNO", an oven in Italian. Our pizzaiolo prepares a pizza exactly as he had learned it at his home in Italy - a simple, fantastic pizza from quality ingredients. Moreover, our pizza does not fall into the category of "killer"; after eating you will not feel rough.

Our menu consists of pizza, lasagne, and other pasta, as well as meat SPECIALTIES, eg. slow-roasted lamb shanks, which is left in the oven overnight. Meter pizzas are UNIQUE products in our offer.

You will find us near the center of Prague


Alforno Focacceria Italiana,
Široká 25/6,
110 00 Praha 1 - Josefov


+420 224 818 322

Opening hours

Monday - Sunday: 11 – 23


IČO: 27460274 
DIČ: CZ27460274 

Company registered in the Commercial Register by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 113761


Bc. Milena Vaníčková

Petr Dlouhý

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