Pasta & Pizza

Little Italy in Prague

Dlouhá street 8

Alforno – Dlouhá

Pasta and pizza in Prague

Homemade pasta and Neapolitan pizza from a chef we brought all the way from Italy.
All this in the historic house "At the Golden Olive", which remembers the time of Wenceslas IV.
Just a few meters from the Old Town Square.

Delicious meat in Alforno Dlouha
Pasta in Alforno Dlouha

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Dlouhá Special 1 EN

330 Kč
Dlouhá Special 1 EN
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EN Special 2 Dlouhá

382 Kč
EN Special 2 Dlouhá
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We are composing the special offer at the moment.
We will publish it soon!

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Homemade pasta

and risotto

Every day we prepare our homemade fresh pasta for you. For risotto we use only Carnaroli-Tarantola rice, which is often called "the queen of Italian rice".


Neapolitan style

At Alforno in Dlouhá Street, our pizzaiolo, whom we brought all the way from Italy, prepares Neapolitan-style pizzas for you in a special oven the right way.

Table full of delicious Italian food
Alforno Dlouhá - Interiér

About restaurant Alforno

in Dlouhá street

The Alforno Pasta & Pizza restaurant in Dlouhá Street is located in the beautiful historic house "U Zlaté Olivy", which was built in 1412, just a few meters from the Old Town Square.

Come for great homemade pasta! Our Italian pizzaiolo will bake a real Neapolitan pizza for you!

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