Pizza & Pasta

Little Italy in Prague

Dlouhá street 8

Alforno – Dlouhá

Pasta and pizza in Prague

Homemade pasta and Roman pizza from a chef we brought all the way from Italy.
All this in the historic house "At the Golden Olive", which remembers the time of Wenceslas IV.
Just a few meters from the Old Town Square.

Delicious meat in Alforno Dlouha
Pasta in Alforno Dlouha

Speciální menu šéfkuchaře

Časově omezeno

Arugula salad with tuna

345 Kč
Arugula salad with tuna

Cod with Buere Blanc sauce

385 Kč
Cod with Buere Blanc sauce
with gratin potato and peach
We are composing the special offer at the moment.
We will publish it soon!

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Homemade pasta

and risotto

Every day we prepare our homemade fresh pasta for you. For risotto we use only Carnaroli-Tarantola rice, which is often called "the queen of Italian rice".


Roman style

At Alforno in Dlouhá Street, our pizzaiolo, whom we brought all the way from Italy, prepares Roman-style pizzas for you in a special oven the right way.

Table full of delicious Italian food
Alforno Dlouhá - Interiér

About restaurant Alforno

in Dlouhá street

The Alforno Pizza & Pasta restaurant in Dlouhá Street is located in the beautiful historic house "U Zlaté Olivy", which was built in 1412, just a few meters from the Old Town Square.

Come for great homemade pasta! Our Italian pizzaiolo will bake a real Roman pizza for you!

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