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Alforno – Petrské náměstí

Italian restaurant in Prague

Enjoy our homemade pasta, risotto, or light Roman style pizza prepared by our pizzaiolo in the
oven following the traditional Italian recipe. Sit with your friends at our
pleasant garden at Petrské náměstí in Prague 1.

Pasta Alforno
Sezení před restaurací Alforno

Chef's special menu

Limited offer

Homemade spaghetti

305 Kč
Homemade spaghetti
with pork tenderloin, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, thyme and breadcrumbs

Pizza Tammi Burrata

389 Kč
Pizza Tammi Burrata
(tomato sugo, chilli oil, stewed ham, mozarella Burrata, basil)
We are composing the special offer at the moment.
We will publish it soon!

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One meter long pizza "Alforno"

Are you up to the challenge?

One meter long pizza Alforno
1 450 Kč
Size does (not?) matter!

Pick your 4 most favorite kinds of pizza and our cooks will combine them into 1 huge meter-long pizza! Our cooks are trained in Italy and they know how to prepare the proper Italian pizza!

Our true pizza

We love pizza! That's why our chefs went to Italy to learn how to make it perfect like in Italy.

We make a pizza called Roman-style pizza. Roman pizza is thinner and more delicate in the middle, so you won't have a hard time getting it.

We always make pizza with fresh, quality ingredients.

Interiér restaurace Alforno Petrské náměstí

About restaurant Alforno

Petrské náměstí

Our Italian restaurant is located in a quiet part of Prague on Petrské náměstí. In the summer months, a great attraction is the pleasant seating under the mature plane trees in our garden.

We have great Roman-style pizza, homemade pasta, quality meat (not only) from Czech farmers, fine risotto and always fresh vegetables. And also delicious wine and chilled beer!

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